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Engage in Pleasurable Activities


Identify activities you enjoy, these can range from mopping the floor,

making tea to skydiving and horse riding.


The HSP brain responds best to purposeful and meaningful activities.


To identify these activities, keep a record in your diary or journal of all the

activities you enjoy, you may want to measure them on a score of 1-10.


Keep this list with you all times.


Soothe yourself


Use your five senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight.


Touch – Soak your feet in warm water with essential oils. Give yourself a hand massage. Do some stretching exercises.


Taste – Drink warm herbal tea or eat your favourite healthy food.


Hearing – HSP’s need to carry headphones, noise can become confusing and menacing, especially when too many different sounds at once, such as many people talking all at once. Headphones can contain music, an audible book or a white noise app.


Smell – Often smells which other people enjoy such as perfumes, aftershave, foods or scented candles can be overpowering. It may be helpful to carry the smells (such an essential oil) that you enjoy with you; sometimes a small fan can be helpful.


Sight – Photographs and keepsakes can have calming effect. Pick an object near to you such a vase, book or a leaf from a tree to focus on in a soothing manner.


However, anytime you can visualise a situation or a place to soothe yourself, practice relaxation. Relaxation can also be found in either active or on active activities.


Commit to what is valued

Identify areas of your life that are most important to you, these may be your family, friends, spiritual belief, job or health. It may be several areas. Commit time and effort you need to attend to these. Be realistic. Engage with your higher power.

“All will be well, all will be well and all manner of things will be well.”

“This too will pass”

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