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Distinguishing Characteristics of HSP


HSPs are extremely creative, passionate, empathic, emotional and intuitive people with a broader range of possible behaviors than those without the trait. 


  • They often prefer to watch and observe before entering a new situation.

  • Notice small changes such chairs being placed in a slightly different angle in a room.

  • Find it difficult or are slower at making decisions as they consider all options and outcomes.

  • Find themselves very aware of other people's moods.

  • See themselves as conscientious

  • Find them selves concerned about social justice and taking care for the environment.

  • Are more easily over stimulated that others, sometimes leading to poorer performance.

  • Are highly creative and enjoy the arts.

  • Own a strong sense or interest in spirituality.

  • React more emotionally than others.

  • Find change or transition unduly difficult.

  • Often experience vivid dreams.

  • Were shy or tried to be invisible as a child.

  • Find artificial environments difficult e.g. fluorescent lights

  • Are stimulated by physical sensitivities such as noise, smell, crowds, allergies and pain.

  • Tend to hint rather than be direct in conflict.

  • Find nature healing.

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