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Experiences of the HSP 


“When I look back on my childhood, I realised I’ve always felt ‘uncomfortable in my own skin’. I mean this in a physical sense. It wasn’t only that my clothes touched or scratched. I felt discomfort in almost every environment. I didn't like the rain, wind, snow or sun on my face. My shoes always felt hot and tight. The sensual pleasure most of my friends and family got from being barefoot on the sand, grass or paddling in cool water on a summer’s day baffled me. My physical presence on earth, for me, had to be endured.”

Kim - 56 years



“What really bugs me is when my boss wanders around behind me when I’m trying to get on with something! It makes me nervous and self-conscious. At times, I have felt so uncomfortable and distracted that I’ve had to leave the office for a while just to get myself together. I asked for a meeting with her to explain how I felt and she seemed to understand. I spent ages trying to think of how to put it without sounding rude.”

Sara - 24 years



“My girlfriend loves parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties or any kind of party! I do too, to a point. I find it exhausting. I always want to leave earlier than her. It’s not that I don't enjoy socializing; I do, but I often feel that it’s all too much sometimes. My girlfriend and I have been together long enough now for her to know that I prefer small groups and quiet music. I can handle that. I guess relationships are all about compromise.”

Cameron - 34years


“School was more difficult for me than it was for my brothers. I was clever enough but my teachers described me as oversensitive and I think they were right. If I close my eyes now I can smell the chalky, wood smell of my first classroom. I can also smell the overcooked potato smell of the dinner hall. It sounds strange but I was actually afraid of certain smells if they were particularly strong. I felt overwhelmed by them. I would cry and refuse to enter the dinner hall. As I also wanted to please my teachers and make my parents happy, I found myself distraught at times.”

Matthew - 43 years

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