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 4 Facets of HSP


According to Elaine Aron, almost every highly sensitive person will experience these 4 facets:


Depth of Processing:

  • Processing emotional situations very deeply

  • Giving careful and thorough analysis to decisions/tasks/situations sometimes to the point of being unable to make or take action.

  • Considering the big picture

  • Over-thinking to an excessive level

  • Being extremely conscientious

  • May be considered insightful, seek spirituality to understand life on a deeper level


Over arousal

  • Life feels out of balance. May suffer with anxiety, stress, headaches and migraines

  • Have low tolerance for high-level sensory input

  • Can be easily fatigued yet have trouble sleeping

  • Will seriously avoid conflict and take criticism to heart


Emotional Intensity

  • Have strong emotional responses, are highly empathic and intuitive, very reactive to any emotional environment

  • Can find negativity overwhelming

  • Can have a keen imagination

  • May have low self-esteem and can cry easily etc.

  • Will have low emotional boundaries

  • Will require meaningful work and relationships


Sensory Sensitivity

  • Will react to physical environmental conditions, notice details and subtle changes.

  • Are sensitive to a range of stimuli food/fabric/comfort

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