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CARE Approach©  – for HSP


See a HSP Therapist.  We offer CARE Approach.

Confirmation – Initially we consider if you fit the profile of an HSP. There are so many different aspects to consider such as sensory processing, emotional elements, and depth of processing and past history. Essentially this is a complex assessment. If we don’t consider you as HSP we will use our skills, knowledge and experience to work with you to identify issues that are causing you to seek help and work with you through these.


Acceptance – This can be quite a cathartic experience. Having felt different, separate or isolated from others all your life you begin to recognise you have 20% of the population with very similar characteristics. It’s a time to learn and explore from research, literature and most of all from the experience of other HSP about this gift. For many it is a release, exciting and empowering.


Reorganise – Now you understand you can make changes. Together we identify aspects or issues of your daily life that you are struggling with or experiences in the past that we can now better understand. We have a host of strategies that we can share and together we can develop your own for you own unique management strategy.


Empowerment – Discovering that your sensitivity, intuition, creativity can be utilised to enhance your life rather than it being your secret or a problem is empowering. Allowing yourself to be authentic and celebrate it, accepting the gifts you have in a wholehearted manner is awe-inspiring.


If you want to learn more about the CARE Approach please contact us.

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