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Psychotherapy and counselling via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, works in a similar way to face to face therapy. At a designated time we will both log on to Skype, FaceTime or whatsApp ( which will be secure and confidential)


As with all forms of psychotherapy and counselling, certain details will need to be confirmed before the session begins. Via email we will establish an agreement regarding confidentiality, dates and times, cancellation policy and payment details.


Digital online therapy is suitable for everyone but particularly for:

  • Those who have travel commitments

  • Those with social anxiety or travel phobia

  • Those who have carer responsibilities

  • Those who are unwell or injured

  • Those who have transport limitations

  •  Those who have time limitations


Sometimes the ‘right’ therapist for you may live in a different town, city or country.

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